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La próxima vez que te encuentres con un vejete paseando solo por la calle, sentado solo en un autobús, comiendo solo en un restaurante, entrando solo en el cine…acércate a él y dale un beso cariñoso. Si te sonríe llévatelo a casa. ADOPTA UN ANCIANO. Él necesita amor, tú tienes vigor para dárselo. Y puedes estar seguro de que sabrá corresponderte.

The next time that you meet an old codger walking alone along the street, sat alone in a bus, eating alone in a restaurant, entering alone the cinema … approach him and give him an affectionate kiss. If he smiles you, take him to home. ADOPT AN ELDER. He needs love, you have vigour to give it to him. And you can be sure that he will know how to correspond you.



First day:

Today I have obtained a job in an equine club.

Mr. Sebastián, the manager of the club, has received me with a cordial smile under a bushy gray moustache. He has the cranium completely shaved, he will be more than fifty years old. He was dressing in trousers and boots of task and a shirt with squares,  the sleeves rolled up, and unbuttoned that was showing his strong arms and a silver chest as a wolf.

-Good morning – I stretched my hand and he shakes it so strong that I believed that the bones were squeaking.

Yesterday in the evening I had seen the advertisement in the notice board of the municipal casino saying: ” we need a stable young boy, it is not necessary to know riding “. From I was a child, I had liked very much the horses, but I never had occasion to ride, not even of touching them. The manager was explaining to me the details of the salary, the schedule of work and the labours that I must realize everyday. At the end he emphasized me:

-And another important task. Have you ever work as breeding facilitator? Seguir leyendo ‘A BREEDING FACILITATOR DIARY’



There was twenty to five of the evening, Sebastián opened the closing of the drug store, raised it up to the height of his shoulders and bent down to enter in the store, but behind him someone pronounced his name and he straighten up. There was twenty minutes before the hour of business open, but Jacinto was waiting for him from almost ten minutes, and on having seen him he approached and called him affectionatly:

– Mr. Sebastián?.

Sebastián was a forty three-year-old, strong man though not very high, with moustache and with glasses, he was dressing with a dark blue suit and white shirt with red stripes, was not taking tie, he always was smiling.

-Who is you?.

-My name is Jacinto, I’am the teacher of engineering of his son Miguel, his son has spoken to me much about you, I wanted to greet you.

Jacinto was a smooth-faced man, less strong though a couple of centimetres higher than Sebastián, he was surely near fifty years old, but his face was sweet and his voice hot. He was dressing a grey suit in black stripes, white shirt and blue tie in print of seaworthy knots.

-How do you do?,-Sebastián stretched his big and downy hand that Jacinto shaked strongly and sensitivity – What has telling my son about me?.

-Well, so, among other things, all of them very good ones, he has said to me that you have a very hot cock. – Jacinto hadn’t given up Sebastián’s hand. Seguir leyendo ‘THE BACK-ROOM OF THE DRUG STORE’




Since I retired I am present often at the Day Opened Centre For Oldermen of my district. There I chat friendly with elders of my age and do a bit of exercise to keep fit.

On the bulletin board they are in the habit of hanging offers of trips for the third age. I had never been very travelling, but I have discovered that is a good way of knowing good tough guys and enjoying their magnificent captivations.

I came to the bus almost forty minutes before the depart hour, but it was already almost complete, old men we are like that.

The guide man made me paralyzed with his energetic smiling voice,

-Good morning grandpa, leave me your suitcase.

He lifted it up as if it was made of cardboard and it was empty. The truth is that what more weighs they are the books and I have not opened them in the whole trip. He placed it carefully together with others, in the porter.

He is a strong well-built guy of approximately 25 years, with immense arms, he was taking a unbuttoned shirt in order that I could enjoy his wide and shaggy chest. Blue eyes and a golden moustache frame his sweet smile and his manly voice seductive: Seguir leyendo ‘OLDERMEN TRIPS’



I was sat in my wheelchair and I heard ring the doorbell. I supposed immediately that he would be the man that my son had employed in order that attending to me as baby-sitter during the weekend.

In fact, he and his girl were impatient, because they had the just time to come to the airport and to take the plane towards Zurich, to be present at the Congress where they were giving a chat as special guests. My son is an important investigator and his girl never makes him alone in this kind of events.  

I listened to the brief conversation that they were supporting in the entry.

-Good morning, I am Julián.

-How do you do?, I am Mario, she is my companion Luisa.

-How do you do?- I heard that he gave her a couple of sonorous kisses –

-Come in, I am going to introduce my father.

Their steps were approaching towards my room, knocks in the door.

– Come in – I answered.

– Mr. Julián, He is my father, Federico.

-How do you do?- he stooped in front of me, and shake my hand strongly among theirs.

-Father, this man is going to take care of you until tomorrow, we return in the night. Mr. Julián excuse us, but we must go out. Good weekend.

-Thanks, go with calm that leave him in good hands.

When they had closed the door, Mr. Julián was continuing of squatting in front of me, with my hand among theirs.

He was a man of approximately 20 years old, was dressing jeans and a vest without sleeves those who were sprouting two arms as branches of a pine, with  brilliant muscles of steel and shaggy forearms. His face shows  brilliant brown eyes, a moustache and a beard well cut away at the edge of his chin. He had the cranium shaved. Seguir leyendo ‘BABY SITTER FOR GRANDPA’



It seems to be that it exists an alien hand syndrome consisting of that the “patient” strokes himself uncontrolled. As all people, but with medical diagnosis. I have copied some articles of the American Journal of Physics and Medical Rehabilitation, compiled in the web page of the National Center for Biotechnology Information

The truth is that if we stroke ourselves  and  we think that a foreign hand is doing it, we will enjoy the double. It had to feel the cadget grandpa of Houston.

Isn’t that, what we all would to feel when we close eyes, or when we do it facing the mirror?

And also it will be a syndrome that I’m stroking to all the grandpa that I meet?

The best is that these grandpa strokeman of the medical reports do it in public and apologize with one “oh, I didn’t want” what a good fuckers!.


Ong Hai BG, Odderson

Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St. Charles Hospital and Rehabilitation Center (BGOH), Port Jefferson, New York, USA.

Alien hand syndrome is a perplexing and uncommon clinical diagnosis. We report an unusual manifestation of alien hand syndrome in a 73-yr-old man Seguir leyendo ‘UNCONTROLLED STROKEMEN’



Raúl used to visit every Saturday morning his grandpa Jaime to the elders’ residence in which he was living since he retired one year ago. He was dressed in a light grey suit, white shirt and brown tie. He was twenty-two years old, was taking beard and moustache, but he did not have very much hair in the rest of his body and his virile member was not very big, because of it, he liked to visit to his grandpa Jaime, a man  sixty one years old, with blue eyes, absolutely bald and without facial down, but with the rest of the body covered with stout silver hair, and with a cock almost the double of long and gross that his, and  balls of the caliber XXL.

He knocked to the room

-Grandpa, honey!.

And the Jaime’s baritone hot voice answered him:

-Come in, my son.

Jaime was dressed with a blue shirt and a few grey trousers of suit in stripes, Raúl realized immediately that he had the fly unbuttoned. In fact always he was receiving him with the fly opened to invite him to explore as soon as possible his interior Seguir leyendo ‘THE ELDERS’ RESIDENCE’


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