Raúl used to visit every Saturday morning his grandpa Jaime to the elders’ residence in which he was living since he retired one year ago. He was dressed in a light grey suit, white shirt and brown tie. He was twenty-two years old, was taking beard and moustache, but he did not have very much hair in the rest of his body and his virile member was not very big, because of it, he liked to visit to his grandpa Jaime, a man  sixty one years old, with blue eyes, absolutely bald and without facial down, but with the rest of the body covered with stout silver hair, and with a cock almost the double of long and gross that his, and  balls of the caliber XXL.

He knocked to the room

-Grandpa, honey!.

And the Jaime’s baritone hot voice answered him:

-Come in, my son.

Jaime was dressed with a blue shirt and a few grey trousers of suit in stripes, Raúl realized immediately that he had the fly unbuttoned. In fact always he was receiving him with the fly opened to invite him to explore as soon as possible his interior

But today, opening the door, he was surprised on not having seen his grandpa alone, he was accompanied of another resident, who he seemed to have seen already for the corridors in other occasions.

-Good morning, my son.

Jaime approached his grandson and kissed him in the mouth during a few seconds, which seemed to Raúl to be delicious.

-Come in, my son, let’s me introduce you a good friend, Mr. Gabriel.

The alluded one extended a hand towards Raúl shaking him, it was a hairy hand as that of an ape:

-How do you do?

Gabriel would have more or less the same age that Jaime, and had a bushy snow moustache. He was dressed with trousers of dark blue corduroy and a denim shirt that was going unbuttoned up to the half of the chest showing a shaggy and appetizing chest.

– How do you do? I think we had already met for the corridors in some occasion.

-Sure, I usually listen behind the door when you come to see your grandpa.

-My son, aren’t you also going to kiss Mr. Gabriel?.

Without answering, Raúl approached Gabriel and did what his grandpa had asked him, took delight removing his tongue inside Gabriel’s mouth, while he was useful to explore with his right hand the pectoral forest and with the left one the cranium almost so bald as that of his grandpa. Gabriel allowed him to love, and was grateful:

-Thank you boy, you kiss as an angel of the paradise.

-I told you already- remembered Jaime, who clarified to his grandson:

-We have been speaking very much about you, about the loving that you are, about the very good  that you kiss, about the very good that you suck me.

-Indeed, as I was saying to him that already I had heard it several times when I was listening behind the door. And I was proposing your grandpa that today, instead of suckles him here enclosed, you went to the room of video in order that other residents we could enjoy the spectacle.

Certainly Raúl pleased very much the idea and filled with enthusiasm on having answered:

– Fantastic!, it will be fabulous.

Indeed he was imagining that more than one raunchy resident would approach to put the cock into his mouth, he expected to enjoy an enormous banquet of cocks and nice and warm cum.

Jaime put an arm around Raúl’s shoulder and go out of the room, the three went up to the room of video. It was in dark because a movie of television was projected, but Gabriel switched on the light. At this early hour of the morning on Saturday there were only four old men there, all of them older than his grandpa and Gabriel, the rest, or they were still in bed or they had gone away of weekend with their families.

Gabriel announced them the spectacle that Jaime and his grandson were going to lead. The four stand up cheerful and they approached expectant the newcomers’ trio. Jaime stand before the screen and unbuttoned his shirt, his grandson began to caress his silver pectoral lawn while he was supporting his hands on the hips in attitude of martial force, pride and authority.

One of the residents intervened immediately to encourage the function:

-Suck him the nipples, handsome.

-I’m agree – Raúl acceded smiling and beginning to suck of the erect nipples of his grandpa, without stopping to caress the shaggy bramble.

Other one of the retainers, giving him a sonorous cheek in his back, said him:

-Boy, take the trousers off in order that we could see your ass.

Raúl smiled him like being grateful for the slap, he turned, took the trousers and the underpants off and made them carefully doubled in the floor, he was approaching again the nipples when another resident said him impatient:

-Come on, son, takes grandpa’s cross-bar out, and begin enjoying it.

-I’m very glad – he said with voice of being really wishing it, he introduced a hand in the Raul opened fly, while with other one he continued handling the thick pectoral bush, and took the cock out that was already hardon and with the mouth of the glans penis humid and imploring

-What a gadget, bastard! – one of the spectators admired Gabriel.

-You are going to have problems this device to get into the mouth, suckerboy, you will have to suck it on parts.

-Take also the balls off, boy.

Jaime had a look to the hearing and felt an immense happiness on verified that all the old men were already with his members out. He takes the balls off to his grandpa. Them he sucked first one and a few seconds later the other one,  certainly he was unable to get the two simultaneously in the mouth. And then, while he was still handling a ball with every hand, he devoted himself to the delicious salami bar, for which, in spite of the size, he was the mouth already accustomed.

Suddenly he felt hands holding the nape, they were pushing violently, forcing him to swallow the cross-bar. Wasn’t his grandpa, who was continuing with the hands rested on the hips as a military general, but one of the raunchiest elders who was saying with authoritarian voice:

-Come on, swallow you whole it, suckerboy.

-This way, push him, that he swallows it whole.

Grandpa smiling taken pleasure said to his comrades:

-Leave him, fuck!, he is an expert, you will see what good he work.

Raúl felt that a humid hand was touching his asshole, and introducing a couple of fingers in. Two very hot old men were chatting cheerfully:

– What an ass of beardless has this suckerboy!

– Why not fuck it with your cock?, I’m sure that he will like more.

– Wait, cunt!  I’m exploring him first.

– What happens is that your cock is not hardon; come on, leave me to do it myself.

Raúl felt to go out the fingers, the new retainer threw a salivate in the ass and forthwith he enjoyed with the heat of a cock that was slipping as a piston up to the interior of his ass.

Few seconds later he saw that another cock was approaching his face for the right, instinctively he gave up the ball of his grandpa, caught strongly the cock and started stroking it. It belonged to the man who could not have put it in the ass because it wasn’t get completely hardon, but it was not mattering for Raúl, he was charmed with feeling the heat and the texture of a cock in his hand, though it was flaccid.

-This is good, boy, give me a good stroking, but do not stop sucking to your grandpa.

Soon, another cock appeared for his left side, and the scene was repeated, this was the smallest one but was hardon as the steel, Raúl caressed before the shaggy balls that were accompanying it, and forthwith he caught it strongly and started stroking it.

He was feeling as a god in the Olympus entertained by his faithful subjects, with a cock in the mouth, other one in the ass and other one in every hand.

Two raunchy old men take turns with his ass, and another different two old men were walked stroking themselves and observing, without intervening, the whole scene, the suck, the stroke and the fuck.

Few minutes later, the man whose hard cock was receiving the manual work offered his place to one of the observers.

-Do you want that he caught your cock a bit to?.

-Not, thanks, I enjoy more looking distantly prudently.

Suddenly who was fucking him, take off this cock, panting whooping, and he cum over his ass.

-Fuck!, what a pleasure!. Nearly I cum inside, almost I have not had time to take it off.

-Come on, sit down and rest,  I am going to fuck him a bit more and immediately I cum also.

The owner of the cock that Raúl was stroking and that never had completely hardon, also started panting.

-Boy, give me your mouth rapid, It is coming the jet of milk!.

Raúl stopped to suck to his martial grandpa, and got hooked up the one that was starting to cum, and he swallowed all the milk that was gushing out of a cock that, only now, finally, he could feel hard as a blacksmith’s hammer.

-Oh yeah!, oh yeah!,  take it, take more, take all my cum.

Finished the sweet work, he continued sucking the solid delicacy of his grandpa. For short time, because suddenly he felt as the machine that he still had in another hand started soaking him in the face, rapidly he left his grandpa and devoted at sucking the cum that was left..

-Man, why do you not warned me, tough guy?, I would swallowed all your cum – he dared to remind the old codger.

-Excuse me boy, it left without warning, I was flying so sweetly in the sky that I didn’t even realize. – the old man apologized.

The one that was fucking him, take off his cock and one brought him over hurriedly, holding itself the glans penis with both hands, while he was proclaiming:

-Sucks here, sucks here, I have the milk already boiling.

And, in effect, immediately  to get it into the mouth felt a shot of warm milk in the throat, and another one, and another one and a fourth one.

Now was the turn of his loved grandpa, who caught strongly the head of his grandson and fixed it against his flushed candle that started throwing so many lava that Raúl almost obstructs his throat.

The old men had been sitting down as they cum, to relax, to recover of the exercise and to enjoy the rest of the spectacle,  there were staying together with Raúl only  the two men that had been walked, with his exchequers among their hands, a few scrutinizing eyes and a few panting lips, Raúl offered them:

– Do you want to cum also in my mouth?.

– Not, handsome, I prefer that you kiss me in the mouth. –  initiated one.

– Count me in to that – supported other one.

The two men were completely bald, Raúl embraced both old friends, started kissing one, while he caress their sweaty bald with a hand to each one. The one who was kissing cum. Raúl without stopping caressing both oily heads, started kissing immediately with fruition to the other one, who immediately did the proper thing.

Now he bended down and with his tongue gathered the last drops of lacteal liquor that were hanging from their hardon prics.

And all the presents burst in an affectionate and sincere plaudit.


-What fucked!

-Your grandson is the best! –  appreciated one of them to his grandpa.

Raúl dressed and was thanking one by one with a hot kiss in their mouths and licking their bald.

Also he said goodbye of his grandpa caressing once again his beautiful wolf chest while was licking affectionately his head.

-Good-bye grandpa, good-bye tough guys, see you next Saturday.

(This tale is a version of an old post:

https://battlesofthegrandpa.wordpress.com/2009/05/01/la-residencia-de-ancianos/ ,

translated by grandpa)

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